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Actuarial Services - Health Insurance

As part of his role in the Victoria Government Actuary's office from 1980 to 1985, Allen Truslove, one of the finest actuaries in Australia, was responsible for regular health insurance premium pricing valuations for Friendly Society health funds. His work in health insurance continued in 1990 with his appointment as Group Actuary of IOOF Health and lasted until the sale of IOOF's health funds to NIB in 2003.

Since 1 July 2004 health funds have been required to nominate an Appointed Actuary to support all necessary valuations and reviews. Currently, Allen Truslove is Appointed Actuary to the subsidiary health funds of various friendly societies.

We currently provide the following actuarial services in relation to health funds, whether they be commercial funds or subsidiary funds to a friendly society:

Heatlh insurance consulting services are usually billed based on hourly rates, although we can provide fixed fee quotations on an individual basis. Please contact us to find out further information on our health fund and other actuarial services.

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