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Allen Truslove BSc(Hons), PhD, MBA, FIA, FIAA

Allen's career includes time as Acting Victorian Government Statist and Actuary responsible for actuarial advice to Victorian government superannuation funds, motor car third party personal injury and workers' compensation insurance as well as supervision of friendly society, health and life insurance.

As State Actuary and Insurance Commissioner (Queensland), Chairman, Nominal Defendant, Investment Board member, Queensland State Trustee he had similar responsibilities as well as management of the Nominal Defendant Corporation including conduct of litigation and payment of claims.

As Principal, W. M. Mercer Queensland operation he was responsible for actuarial advice to private and public sector superannuation funds. Currently, Allen is Appointed Actuary to several friendly societies and also specializes in actuarial advice to self managed superannuation funds. His current research interests include the application of modern finance and option pricing theory to market valuation of insurance liabilities.

Allen has a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Mathematical Statistics from Monash University, a Post Doctorate study in probability theory from Monash University and a Masters of Business Administration from Deakin University. He currently holds the qualifications of Fellowship of the Institute of Actuaries of the UK and Fellowship of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia.


Michael Sherwood AASFA Managing Director

Mike Sherwood joined Allen L Truslove, Actuary & Statistician in July 2005 as the Superannuation Manager. Mike is now the Managing Director and runs the day to day business of the company as well as coordinating the superannuation area, including actuarial certificates.

Mike has been working in the superannuation industry since 1985 in the UK. He has worked for several Consulting Actuaries and a major UK bank as a manager and director and was also a senior pensions consultant specialising in Small Self Administered Pension Schemes (SSAS).

Mike is an Associate of ASFA and has a Diploma of Financial Services (Superannuation), ASFA PS 146 Compliance, ASFA 200 Trusteeship, ASFA 113 Insurance, Certificate IV Financial Services (Superannuation) ASFA 100, a Diploma of Business & Marketing and a Graduating Diploma in Computer Science.

Avani Mavani BSc, MSc

Avani Mavani began working with Allen L Truslove, Actuary & Statistician in June 2006. She has worked as an Actuarial Analyst in the Retirement Benefits Area with an Actuarial Consultancy firm in India.

Avani has a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degree with specialisation in Statistics from Mumbai University, India and is currently undertaking the Institute of Actuaries of Australia part I examinations.


Melissa Dixon

Melissa began working for Allen Truslove Actuary & Statistician in mid 2008; followed by a temporary position throughout 2009 to December 2009; and currently full time as S.M.S.F Pensions Supervisor.

Melissa's previous roles include Pension Administrator at Mercer and Actuarial Assistant at Cumpston Sarjeant Pty Ltd (previously Cumpston Sarjeant Truslove Pty Ltd).

Melissa successfully completed her Bachelor of Business (Financial Planning) at RMIT University in 2006 and ASFA 100 Certificate in Financial Services (Superannuation) in 2007. Melissa will be completing her ASFA Diploma of Financial Services (Superannuation) ASFA 146 in 2010.

Karen Ramsbotham
Finance Officer

Karen Ramsbotham began working with Allen Truslove Actuary & Statistician in February 2008.

Karen has a Bachelor of Business in Accountancy from RMIT University, Melbourne plus experience in the field of Finance and Accounting.

Josie Casabene

Josie Casabene began working for Allen L Truslove, Actuary & Statistician in March 2006.

Josie has a Bachelor of Business from La Trobe University.


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