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About Us

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Aims & Goals

Allen L Truslove, Actuary & Statistician aims to meet the following goals:

Allen L Truslove, Actuary & Statistician was established to provide traditional actuarial services, mainly in the areas of friendly societies and superannuation, but also endeavours to apply actuarial techniques in a broader context, such as research and IT development.

We have a firm belief that all of our actuarial & consulting services should be efficient and accurate and pride ourselves on ensuring all work is peer-reviewed and correct. More importantly, we endeavour to create reports and presentations that are completely reproducible by the client or a third party without compromising readability or structure.

As a smaller firm, Allen L. Truslove, Actuary & Statistician is able to provide a much more personalised actuarial consulting services than other actuaries. We welcome all enquiries regarding any actuarial calculations or investigations you require. Our knowledgeable actuaries should be able to answer any queries you may have.

Much of the development of our firm is due to the research and staff training that we employ. We have designed many of our internal administration and IT systems and currently assist our actuarial analysts in further education. We are a strong supporter of both the RMIT University Co-Operation program and University of Melbourne Graduate employment program. Applications for co-operation or actuarial graduate work are always welcomed and should be directed to Reception@truslove.com.au.

Current Work & Clients

Our work in traditional actuarial areas include:

We also work in a number of areas outside the scope of traditional actuarial services. These include:

We currently we have over 300 active clients, including:


PRIVACY POLICY - Allen L Truslove Actuary & Statistician Pty Ltd
Allen L Truslove Actuary & Statistician Pty Ltd is bound by the Code of Conduct of the Actuaries Institute of Australia. The Code includes:
4.6          Confidentiality
4.6.1 A Member must have proper regard for the trust that is implicit in the relationship between the Member and his or her Principal. The Member must take reasonable steps to ensure that the information used and the result of any Professional Services provided remain confidential to the extent expected by the Principal and that the Principal is made aware if there is a breach of confidentiality.
4.6.2 Notwithstanding clause 4.6.1, obligations may be imposed on a Member by law that require the Member to breach confidentiality in certain circumstances.
This Privacy Policy sets out how Allen L Truslove Actuary & Statistician Pty Ltd meets its obligations under the National Privacy Principles
1 Collection
Allen L Truslove Actuary & Statistician Pty Ltd collects personal information necessary for the provision of actuarial calculations and advice to superannuation funds, life insurance companies, other firms or organisations and individuals. Personal information used is provided by the individual(s) concerned, or by authorised agents acting on their behalf, i.e. the Principal.
Information is provided by the Principal rather than from the individual directly. It is generally not practicable to collect tens of thousands of individual’s records except from the data systems of Principals.
Data items collected will have been provided by individuals to the relevant Principal for the purpose inter alia of actuarial calculations and advice.
2 Use and Disclosure
Information provided is used only to satisfy the request of the Principal.
Information provided is not used for any marketing purpose.
3 Data Quality
Data is subject to internal consistency and other checks to the extent necessary to ensure that data is up to date and of sufficient quality its intended use.
4 Data Security
Data is available only to staff of Allen L Truslove Actuary & Statistician Pty Ltd. Data is protected from unauthorised access and subject to procedures to maintain its integrity and protect against loss.
5&6 Access and Correction
Any person wishing to access their personal information should contact the relevant Principal who has provided the information to Allen L Truslove Actuary & Statistician Pty Ltd. That Principal, who is the person from whom personal information is collected, will communicate with Allen L Truslove Actuary & Statistician Pty Ltd. Information provided by a Principal will not be disclosed to any other person except where required by law.
7 Identifiers
No Commonwealth Government identifiers are used.
8 Anonymity
Data received in bulk uses record identifiers instead of names or similar identifiers. Names and other personal information is used where required by the type of advice provided.
9 Trans border Data Flows
All data is processed and stored within Australia.
10 Sensitive Information
Sensitive information is collected only from a Principal for the purpose of advice requested by a Principal.

General enquiries

For all general enquiries, please feel free to contact us by email at Reception@truslove.com.au or by phone on (03) 9670-2450.